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Monday, October 25, 2010

Meatless Monday - Rice Pilaf

Here is another one of my non recipes. I'm assuming you can all cook white rice. When I was little, I loved that "San Francisco Treat". You know what I talking about, right? Well, it's tasty, but not vegan. To create this yummy variation, I break up angel hair pasta into little bits. I then saute the bits in olive oil until they are golden brown. I then add the rice, water, a little minced garlic, dill, and vegan chic-like broth powder and cook it just as you would regular white rice.
Do you know the knuckle trick for cooking rice? You put the rice in a sauce pan, touch your finger to the top of the rice, and add water up too your first knuckle. Those proportions seem to work every time. No more measuring cups Folks.

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Jamie said...

Sounds (and looks) so yummy!