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Monday, October 18, 2010

Meatless Monday - The Easy Way

Here's the story. I decided I wanted to bake the Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies, and share the recipe with you. I went back over to my old, and abandoned, blog to find the link for the recipe, and I started looking around. There are some great recipes over there! Some of them might have to find their way over here, but chances are, many of them won't. So, I thought I would give you the link to this buried treasure, of sorts.
I'm still in the mood for the cookies (and they really are the best ever) so I will be making some this afternoon. Won't you join me? 


Laloofah said...

Hi, Jennifer, I'd love to join you! Tomorrow I plan to bake what I call "Cranana Bread" (banana bread w/cranberries in it), since I have 3 overripe bananas to use up. It won't be cookies, but shall I bring it along? :-)

Thanks for sharing your abandoned blog! The first post I clicked on was the Grilled Portobello Mushroom one... I love those, in or out of sandwiches! I usually make mine with tamari and balsamic vinegar, next time I'll try your version.

Did you ever find some vegan mint chip "nice cream?" :-) That was always my favorite flavor. Now we often enjoy homemade chocolate mint "nice cream" made in our food processor using frozen bananas (where my overripe bananas end up in the summer months!) I also liked "The House," - it reminds me of the house my great aunt and uncle lived in in Cincinnati when I was a kid..

Will have to return when I have more time to dig through the buried treasure!

Jamie said...

I'm craving cookies and want to make some for my new neighbors, but unlike you instead of digging out a recipe I went to the store and bought pre-made dough. I really need to start cooking!

Gilding Lilies said...

Laloofah - I'm glad you enjoyed the buried treasury. There is some good stuff over there, and a lot of history. I didn't get "the house", but she sure was a beauty (it kind of breaks my heart now). Banana bread with cranberries sounds delicious, please do come over! And, I have found a wonderful vegan mint chip ice cream. It's incredible! I'll get the official name for you.
Jamie - That was a super sweet thing to do for you new neighbors, store bought or not.