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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good Weather For Ducks

It's raining, hooray! I love the rain. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to build an ark or anything, but I do feel inspired by a the sound of rain on the roof. I love the way the world looks, when peeking out a window streaked with raindrops. The fragrance in the air, when the rain first begins to fall, is one of the most lovely sniffs going. Indoor activities, like painting and baking, seem a bit more romantic when it's pouring outside. And speaking of romance, is anything sweeter than snuggling up with your lover in front of a fireplace on a chilly and rainy day? I don't think so. (Hello, future Mr. Gilding Lilies, are you out there?)

So, for today I'm enjoying it. Tomorrow may be a different story because it's supposed to get pretty intense, and I'm spoiled, I like my electricity. Tonight, I think I will make a cup of tea, and soak in all the little gifts the rain gives to my senses.

p.s. I didn't get into the Renegade Craft Fair. So sad.


Jamie said...

I was glorying in the rain yesterday too. I had just finished reading a blog post on taken photos in the rain, so even though the sun was down, I took my camera out and soon was rolling around on my parent's front porch trying to get an interesting shot. I'm sure the neighbors thought I was crazy.

I agree with you, I crave romance when the stormy weather moves in, too bad it isn't much of a possibility for me right now.

Rose said...

I love the rain too. I like to relish the atmosphere of a good rainy day (windy is a plus) by opening the kitchen window to let the sounds in, lighting candles on the sill, sipping wine and cooking away to my heart's content...that, and listening to the rain on the roof in bed, while snuggling with my kitties. Simple joys are the best.

Laloofah said...

I absolutely love the photo of the beautiful duck, and the effects you gave it!

And I envy you (and Jamie), as we've had so little rain. Instead, we've had abundant sunshine and ridiculously mild (even hot) temps. I too love to do indoor stuff like baking and painting (and have plans to do both today) when it's raining and/or snowing. Today I was all psyched to spend a productive cozy day, since FINALLY our forecast called for rain, wind and cold - and we got them, for about two hours! It even spit a few snowflakes for the first time. But now there's blue sky and sunshine out there! Whaaa. But I enjoyed reading about your snuggly, rainy weather!

What were those Renegade Craft Fair people thinking?! I'd not only let you participate, I'd give you the best spot! :-)

Gilding Lilies said...

Wow, you gals really know how to live it up in the rain! That is wonderful. Rose, I agree, I love to let in the sounds too. Simple joys are the best. Laloofah, I'll do a little rain dance just for you Honey.
Boo hoo Renegade.

Ballerina Baller said...

i love the rain, i love the way it makes my toes feel. but it drives my 2yo nuts! all she wanted to do was go outside and splash in the puddles, which would be fine if we lived in the woods but we live right in town and Ft. Bragg puddles are nasty!

stoopid Renegade, they just don't know what they're missing!

Gilding Lilies said...

Stoopid Renegade, I hope they do better next time.
Fort Bragg puddles can be nasty, you're right.