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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Waves On Wednesday

I went for a walk this morning, soaking in the beauty of this area where I live.


Laloofah said...

I'm wearing out my thesaurus looking up different words for "beautiful," "gorgeous," "stunning" to describe your photos, lest my comments become monotonous! :-)

A walk on a beach, I can't even fathom it today. Here it's currently 22ยบ and spitting snow. I love that it's cozy, but I think I'll just gaze at your beach photos for a while longer!

Jamie said...

Somehow, watching frozen water fall from the sky just doesn't compare. It's peaceful, but that peace is disturbed by the knowledge I'll be pulling the snow blower out in a couple of hours.

Gilding Lilies said...

You gals are reminding me how spoiled I am, thanks for the reminder.
Laloofah you are so sweet, thank you!

Shear Sensations said...

its so breath taking...millie

Shear Sensations said...

Jennifer just a note to ask you to post a note tomorrow about your cookies on my blog so they could stop by to see them...put a link on the note.


Gilding Lilies said...

Sounds good Millie, I'll do it.