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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Completely Incomplete Veg Restaurant Guide

I thought I'd talk a little about veggie restaurants. I've had the pleasure to travel quite a bit, and have been to many vegetarian dining establishments. Before I leave on a trip I always visit Happy Cow - A Compassionate Eating Guide, it's a great resource, and it always helps me to figure out where to go in an unfamiliar city. Some places are so rich with choices that I find I barely use the research that I've done on Happy Cow. While other cities make it tough, and I'm very thankful to have my little veg friendly list. For example, Portland Oregon, soooo easy, but in Las Vegas a vegan could starve to death. All those buffets and not a bite to eat, so sad!
Anyway, I thought I would offer up a list of some of my favorite veg friendly establishments across the country. As the post title suggests, it will be far from a complete list, and I welcome all my readers to add their favorites in the comments (especially in Las Vegas, since I'll be there soon, searching for a vegetable that hasn't been smothered in butter or cheese). In no particular order, and with many close to my home, here we go.
  • Vegetarian House in Portland Oregon (funky atmosphere, good food)
  • Sweetpea Baking Company in Portland Oregon (while there visit Herbivore, next door)
  • Wildginger in Seattle Washington (not a vegetarian restaurant, but very vegan friendly)
  • Mighty-O Donuts in Seattle Washington (vegan donuts, need I say more?)
  • Pizza Lounge in Dallas Texas (serves meat too, but lots of vegan options, yummy)
  • Millennium Restaurant In San Fransisco California (talk about spoiled!)
  • Cha Ya in Berkeley California (light, healthy and delicious - great shopping all around)
  • Cafe Gratitude (several locations in California)
  • Babycakes (several locations, I went to the one in New York)
  • Go Raw Cafe on the out skirts of Las Vegas Nevada (lots of raw products you can purchase and try)
  • The Chicago Diner Chicago Illinois (my absolute favorite place to eat - ever!)
  • Living Light Cafe Fort Bragg California (mostly raw, good food, and I'm their resident artist, who could beat that?!)
  • Ravens' Restaurant Mendocino California (at the Stanford Inn) 
  • The Food Co-op Port Townsend Washington (a really good health food store with lots of prepared foods)
  • Queenie's Roadhouse Cafe in Elk California (not a vegetarian restaurant, but she always has a vegan dish that is delicious. It's one of my favorite places to go.)
  • Emeril's in New Orleans (not vegetarian, but totally accommodating to a vegan, and oh so delicious)
  • Lotus Vegan in North Hollywood California (beautiful food presentation)
  • Sunpower Natural Cafe in Studio City California (lots of raw food)
OK, it's your turn, what yummies have you discovered?


Laloofah said...

Ooooh, you've eaten at Ravens? AND Millenium? No fair! LOL And how cool that you're Living Light Café's resident artist! Do you get free nom-noms as a perc? :-)

Happy Cow is indispensable!

We discovered some wonderful vegan-friendly restaurants during our summer vacation in July. Our two absolute favorites (not just on our vacation but anywhere, ever!) were The Green Elephant in Portland, Maine and Tasty Harmony in Fort Collins, CO. I think both restaurants only have one menu item that is vegetarian rather than vegan, they both use lots of local and organic ingredients, and they both offer some raw selections. The food at both was delicious, the service great and the atmosphere delightful. And their desserts? Sheer heaven!

In case you haven't seen this recent (Sept 30) BlogHer post, maybe it will help you find vegan vittles in Vegas!

Vegan Las Vegas

Rose said...

Portland does totally rock for vegans! Seattle's OK, but noting compared to P-town.

I've eaten at Millenium, and it was the most amazing vegan dinner I've ever eaten in a restaurant.

I'd love to try some of these other places if I ever travel...have not been doing much of that in the last couple of years.

If you're in Seattle again, check out Jhanjay Vegetarian Thai (there are two locations)'s not strictkly vegan, but most items can be ordered vegan (without egg), and they don't use fish's super yummy!

Thanks for the list and the info.

Gilding Lilies said...

Great suggestions, thanks for adding to the list.
Yes, I've been known to get a free nom-nom at Living Light.

Jamie said...

Wild Ginger in Seattle is one of my all-time favorite restaurants. Salt Lake's Oasis Cafe isn't totally veg, but has some great options.

One of the things I loved the most about living in India was there were always amazing veg options - sometimes they were the only options.

Gilding Lilies said...

Wild Ginger is really good, and the decor is totally inspiring.

Anonymous said...

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