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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Swapping Saturday

My good friend Jamie (from the lovely Lyrical Journey) and I decided to do a Swapping Saturday. I'm posting over on her blog and she is over here. I hope you enjoy the change of pace, I think you will, she brought tunes with her, hooray! Come visit me over on her blog. Have fun, and here's Jamie.

 Purple Sunrise - House
Hi, I'm Jamie from Lyrical Journey, I'm thrilled to be here at Gilding Lilies today!  If you've ever visited my blog (and if you haven't, come on over one of these days) you'll know that I LOVE music and believe every day should have a song or two to accompany it.  When Jennifer and I discussed a swap I knew instantly I'd put together a playlist of great songs for you, in the hope that you would hear something new or an old favorite.

This playlist was inspired by Jennifer's "Time Flies" series of jewelry.  I love the concept of time and using it in a meaningful way and am always working in my life to be more deliberate in the way I choose to spend my time.  I hope as you get busier with the holiday season approaching you'll take some time out to remember what things really matter and equally important, to take care of yourself.

Enjoy the playlist and please let me know if I've missed out on your favorite songs about time - I'm always looking to add great music to my collection.

Happy Listening!
Lyrical Journey


Laloofah said...

Hi Jennifer and Jamie! What a clever and fun idea! And what a lovely inspiration Jennifer's pretty "Time Flies" jewelry provided for such a nice playlist (I'm listening to it now ~ love it!)

Funny, the topic of "time" keeps coming lately. I featured an alarm clock mishap in my most recent post, read a post titled Personality Type and Time on a newly discovered blog called "Living in Season," and just this morning I added a clock to my blog. And of course, Daylight Savings Time ends tonight!

Anyway, I love and listen to a lot of music too, and agree that life should come with a soundtrack. In fact, I listen to food-prep soundtracks a lot. You know, if I'm making Mexican food, I play a Salsa, prepping an Italian meal is accompanied by opera, putting together a stir-fry calls for one of my Zen CDs. I think it adds more goodness to the food, and it sure makes chopping all those veggies a lot more fun! :-)

Thanks for a fun post, you two! (I've just started following your blog, Jamie, and have a lot of catching up to do! If this playlist is any indication, I'm going to really enjoy your taste in music!) :-)

Have a great weekend! (And don't forget to set your clocks back!) ;-)

Gilding Lilies said...

It is fun for a change, I'm glad you enjoyed it. You are really going to enjoy following Jamie's blog, I know I do.
I don't change the music depending on what I cooking, but I certainly do that when I'm creating.It is an important part of the process.
Happy weekend to you too, and thanks for time reminder.

blue elephant photography said...

i ♥ sarah mclachlan :)

Gilding Lilies said...

Me too, I was surprised when Jamie picked one of my favorites.