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Friday, November 5, 2010

Flowers On A Friday - Something Exotic And A Tid-Bit

King Protea

Monkey Tails

Pink Mink Protea

I thought I'd include this little tid-bit to think about, since, after all,  it is Vegan MoFo.  In Sweden, food labels are required to list the amount of carbon dioxide emitted for any food item's production.  Since soy is often imported, from the Amazon (where trees are cut down to make room for soy production),  to feed cattle, that means that a traditional burger can have a mighty big eco footprint. I think that labeling that reflects this information would be so interesting to see.  It would probably alter my purchases at the market, how about yours?


Gilding Lilies said...

After posting this I began to think about how big the eco foot print is on these beautiful flowers? Hmmmm, makes me wonder.

Rose said...

Interesting information. I definitely think it would effect my decisions. It's so easy to buy/do things when we don't fully understand the consequences and/or how it was produced.

I think we could take a lot of pages out of Sweden's book and be better off, but certainly with this one.

Happy Friday! Beautiful flowers. Even if their production does leave a carbon footprint (my guess is probably) posting pictures of them electronically doesn't leave a big one (I don't least much less of one probably...:P

Jamie said...

It would alter my decisions but probably not as much as I wish it would

blue elephant photography said...

these are so cool!

Gilding Lilies said...

Thanks Blue Elephant.

sheara121 said...

wow, that's a good idea that sweden has :) although i'm with jamie, it probably wouldn't affect me as much as it should, it'd only make me guilty ;) and your pictures are stunning (as usual)!