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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vegan Pho

It is blustery here, with lot's of rain, and bunch of thunder too. Poor little Abby Dog is not into it! She is convinced that if you bark enough, and sit on someones feet, you will be safe, and the thunder won't get you. I'm not sure that works, but she won't be convinced otherwise. So, with Abby on my feet I made a pot of pho. I used the recipe that you can find on Vegweb . It was the perfect meal for a rainy day.


Laloofah said...

Oh, you're pho looks gooooood! I've seen a few vegan recipes for it, but have never had any. One of these days... (so many wonderful vegan recipes, not nearly a long enough lifespan in which to try them all!)

Hey, little Abby Dog just might be right! After all, her technique for staying safe from the thunder has worked so far! ;-)

Snowing, foggy and bitterly cold (just 3ยบ!) here today. We're both having a cozy weekend! I hope yours is fun and restful, as well.

Gilding Lilies said...

You're right, it has worked so far, so maybe Abby is on too something.
Especially with all the wonderful recipes out there during MoFo, there is definately not enough time.
And in conclusion let me say BBRRRR, that's cold Laloofah!