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Monday, September 27, 2010

Meatless Monday - Grits & "Eggs"

I grew-up eating grits and eggs. My Grandma Boss loved to make them, and I loved to eat them. When I stopped eating eggs it was a sad day in the grits department. And then, one day, I figured out the trick. It requires a bit of shopping in the area of odd foods, but once you have the secret ingredient, score! The grits are cooked in the standard way. Cut some tofu into cubes and saute until crispy and golden brown. The secret is the seasoning on the tofu. While the tofu is cooking sprinkle on some Kala Namuk (also know as Black Salt). Kala Namuk, which is commonly called Black Salt, is not actually black at all, it's kind of a pinkish-grey color, and has kind of a smokey sulphurous mineral taste that gives the tofu an egg like flavor. It really works, and it's delicious. Kala Namuk is often used in Indian cooking. When shopping for it be aware that there is another black salt, that is actually black in color due to the addition of charcoal (also tasty and good for you digestion), but that's not what you want for creating faux eggs.
So, there you have it, you know the secret. Happy shopping and cooking.


Laloofah said...

Kala Namuk is amazing! After searching high and low here and in Montana without any luck, I was finally able to get some when a local friend's sister found it (at an ethnic grocery store in Boise, of all places) this spring, and never make my eggless egg salad without it now!

I also use the un-eggy black lava (charcoal) salt, which is especially yummy on potatoes. It does get confusing, especially since there is also a non-eggy pink Himalayan salt!

Gilding Lilies said...

It's amazing how many different kinds of salt you can buy these days. All with their own unique qualities. The Himalayan Pink is my basic go-to salt, mostly because it's so pretty. Silly artist!

Laloofah said...

Himalayan pink salt is one I have yet to try, though my favorite source of such things (where I get my black lava salt) - Mountain Rose Herbs - does carry it. Too bad they don't carry Kala Namuk!

My basic go-to salt is regular ol' sea salt. Boring non-artist! :-)