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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday - A Rainbow By My Bed

On this Thursday, I'm thankful for the rainbow by my bed. It makes me thankful in a couple of different way. It makes me so happy that all those pretty colors are right outside in my yard, and that spring is really here. It also makes my heart sing, to wake up in the morning, and start my day looking a something beautiful. It  makes a huge difference. Surrounding myself with simple, beautiful things lifts my spirits. I really am so easy to spoil. OK, do you feel like sharing something that you are thankful for today? I'd love to hear. 


Jamie said...

After a tough week emotionally and schedule wise, I'm happy to be back on task, able to get up and workout before work and get caught up on things. For some reason having a handle on my to do list makes my life more relaxing.

Gilding Lilies said...

I agree Jamie. I'm feeling a lack of "relax" because I know I need to get my taxes done. It will feel great when that is over with.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo! As for me... I'm thankful for the photo I sold and am sending out today. :) And I'm thankful that spring is here!

Simply Smitten said...

I'm grateful for the warm spring sunshine today, I'm grateful for the lovely walk I took with my girls and mom, and I'm grateful for all my wonderful blogger buddies. :)

Jordan said...

I know, I'm a little late commenting! Sorry!! But, I'm thankful for my 27 chicks, my new craft (fingerless gloves), the warm weather, the Spring Fling almost here... ;D

Gilding Lilies said...

Jamie - sorry to hear you had a tough week.
Taylor Lynn - congrats on the sale!
Jordan -The chicks are so cute!
Everybody - happy spring and happy weekend

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gilding Lilies! :D