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Friday, April 8, 2011

Flowers On A Friday - Dreaming Of Spring

I think yellow daffodils are the essence of spring. Every year, I can hardly wait to see these sweet little flowers pop their heads out of the ground. I'm feelin' the sunshine.


Rose said...

Beautiful photo! So light and bright.

I love daffodils too, especially the pale yellow ones. Such simple beauties! And, as the air warms, the scent of blossoms is in the air. Spring is a delight for the senses.

Have a good weekend Jennifer. : )

Anonymous said...

Wow, fabulous photo! The colors are so happy!

Gilding Lilies said...

Thanks kids. I hope everybody has a really lovely weekend.

Jordan said...

Beautiful picture!! We finally have our daffodils blooming!! Yayy!!! I have some pix up on my Blog, if you want to check them out ;)
*Hugs!* & happy Sunday!

Gilding Lilies said...

Great job on the pics Jordan!