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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Playing With Images

I've been playing with some images that have been hanging around, in my camera, for awhile now. They were kind of interesting, but before some Photoshop magic they were a bit on the blah side. Both of these photos were taken at the location of the Mad Hatters Tea Party wedding that I worked on. The garden gate photo from the other day was from that day too. That spot was ripe with photo opportunities. There are a least a couple more shots that deserve a second look, and a little play time.
I'm really happy with the truck with rose petals photograph. I think it would make a great book cover. I'm just putting that thought out there. A couple of my other photographs have been used as book covers, so you never know. I'm imagining a Nicholas Sparks novel. What do you think?


Rose said...

I love both images! I agree that the car with the rose path would make an intriguing book cover. I love the bird bath pic too.

Gilding Lilies said...

Thanks Rose, I always appreciate your support!