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Monday, December 13, 2010

Meatless Monday - Perfect Winter Breakfast

I had a great time at the Festival Of Lights. I have a funny story to share. I decided to give the Guerrilla Gift to one of the volunteers that had worked very hard to make the event go smoothly. I wanted to have her discover the gift (one of my necklaces, on a gold ribbon) as she was doing her work. One of her jobs was to take care of these little luminary bags. I kept tying the ribbon onto the bags, but she kept missing it. So, I'd tie it to another bag, and subtly push it towards her. Then, something would happen to cause her to miss seeing it. It was this Laurel and Hardy sort of dance that we were doing. Finally, we were coming to the end of the work, she was about to go home, and she still didn't have her gift. Ugh! Eventually, I had to hand it to her, and thank her for all her kind volunteering. Not exactly anonymous, but she was very happy, and it made me feel great.
Now, to the meatless meal of the day. I am totally hooked on this for breakfast. I admit it has a distinctly "wow, is that healthy!" sort of flavor to it, but I'm lovin' it. It is super nutritious and very satisfying. It's like a New Years Resolution in a bowl. This is a resolution I think I will keep!
Next week, as requested, I'm going to share my opinions about different brands of vegan cheeses. I hope this will be helpful, because some of these products are truly awful, and others can be pretty good. I think a road map might help.
And now, on to the

Perfect Winter Breakfast

First, you prepare a pot of Quinoa according to the package directions. Left overs are great to have on hand to eat throughout the week.  Mash half a banana in a bowl. Add a spoonful of peanut butter. Add a serving of quinoa, a splash of soy milk, and a generous sprinkle of ground flax seeds. Mix it around. Pop it in the microwave to warm it up. Sprinkle with a bit of cinnamon. Somethings I toss in some chopped walnuts for a bit of crunch. That's it, super yummy!


Rose said...

What are luminary bags?

At the end of the day, I'm glad the volunteer received her gift!...anonymous or not, I'm sure it was very special.

I love the sound of the quinoa breakfast bowls!

Jamie said...

I'm reading about your healthy breakfast and listening to "A Little Sugar in my Bowl" it makes me laugh!

Gilding Lilies said...

Luminary bags - we had white frosted plastic bags, with a bit of gravel at the bottom, and a tiny battery operated flickering fake candle. There were hundreds of them on the edges of the trails so people wouldn't wander off into the bushes. It looked really sweet and romantic, but it was a lot of work to turn on and off all those little lights.
The volunteer seemed very happy, and surprised, to get it. She deserved it, she worked very hard.
Yep Jamie, I think "A Little Sugar Bowl" is as far from the Quinoa Bowl as you can get! Silly girl!

Rose said...

Oh, yes I know those types of lighted bags....very pretty.